Statement on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

It’s taken a bit to get this pulled together, between sorting out my (Rev. Janet) personal opinions, and official church belief, and the utter rage that I personally feel over this decision.

Let’s talk about the things we say:

  • We are all sacred.
  • We are made of star stuff.
  • You are God/You are Goddess.
  • The divine is immanent – it is everywhere, in everything, even us.

Spiral Moon teaches that we are all divine. Every last one of us. And as divine beings, we do not need others to intercede with the Gods for us, nor do we owe anyone control of our bodies. With very few exceptions, every one of us should have bodily autonomy – regardless of age, gender, race, or disability. All means all.

That those pushing for any other outcome believe that taking away bodily autonomy and other rights (like privacy) are in line with their religious beliefs should be irrelevant. This is not a theocracy, and the constitution provides for the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…and a ban on abortion doesn’t support any of those.

Decisions about your body should be between you, your Gods, and the people you choose to be involved. Not the government.

–Rev. Janet Callahan, on behalf of Spiral Moon Family Circle.

Apps and More!

Thanks to a generous donor, our apps will be available shortly!

Search for Spiral Moon Family Circle. Android will be released first (hopefully today) and iOS later this weekend. We’ll post direct links on the website and on facebook as soon as we can.

We’re also looking at hosting a festival in September, sponsoring the Little Witches Ball in October, and hosting a Yule gift event in December – stay tuned for more details, because we’ll need your help!

Sprites & Sparks Interest Meeting

So, last year, covid got the better of us. Maybe this year will go better? (If not, virtual meetings are a possibility – if you’re interested in that, let’s talk).

Sprites and Sparks is our youth group, which offers a social outlet for kids from Pagan families, not unlike scouts or 4-H. We will hopefully be meeting one Sunday a month for activities and/or field trips for the time being.

At this meeting, we’ll be discussing plans for the next few months and what the group will look like going forward.

What: Sprites & Sparks Interest Meeting
Where: Robinwood Park, 640 Robinwood Dr, Troy MI 48083 (park in the school parking lot across the street).
Who: Interested families
When: Sunday, May 15, 2 pm

  • All ages welcome – toddlers through high school
  • Parent or responsible adult must stay on site for anyone under age 15 and is responsible for their student’s behavior. Those 15 and over must behave appropriately or they will not be allowed back without an adult.
  • Sprites & Sparks is free for children of Spiral Moon General or Supporting members. Dues of $1/student/meeting for all others

Please register below so we know how many people to expect.

Sprites & Sparks Community Service

a rainbow of crayons in the background, lined up in 2 lines, with un-used pointy ends nested together in the middle on an upper left to lower right diagonal. In the middle, a white-ish translucent box with the words Sprites and Sparks Spring Community Service in the middle in a hand-written font.

Happy Earth Day! We’re coming up on the end of the school year in most of the US, and with that come all the supplies that come home. We’re planning a crayon collection for The Crayon Initiative as our community service project for this spring. The Crayon Initiative takes old broken crayons and melts them down to make new crayons, which are provided to children’s hospitals around the country, where child life specialists give them to kids who are in the hospital.

Please have your kids collect up their broken crayons. If you’re in the Detroit area, you can bring them to our Beltane or Litha kids’ events. If not, reach out and let’s chat and I’ll explain how to turn them in. It doesn’t have to be just your crayons – maybe your child can ask their teachers at school? One year we got the kids’ whole elementary school in on it. Consider asking freecycle or buy nothing groups, ask family members, and ask restaurants that hand out crayons. Use your imagination.

Please make an account here on the Spiral Moon website, and join the Sprites and Sparks Families group. We’ll be providing resources there.

Candles For Oxford School Shooting

In lieu of an in-person vigil, we’re going to try lighting virtual candles. Light a candle using the form below and we’ll publish them through the next few days. Make sure you click the “school shooting” category so your candle appears on this post. Your name is required by the app (and so far, I can’t change that) but feel free to use a craft name or other pseudonym if you’d like.

If this goes well, we’ll be sure to use this for future vigils and memorials as well.

The community and those grieving

Bring peace and healing to our community and to those grieving. May we have the strength to do better.


Healing and Peace

Peace for those who are grieving and healing for those who are injured in body, mind, or spirit.


Updates – Chats, Classes, etc.

Hey all! Sunday afternoon chats have been super hard for me to get to, so we’re going to go back to evenings – hopefully that will work for more people too. Sundays at 8, you’ll find details on our calendar, our facebook, and on eventbrite.

Our regular monthly classes start December 15 at 7 pm, with the Wheel of the Year. Check our calendar or facebook event for details and for the registration link, which should be live later this week. Free for members, $25 for non-members.

Childrens’ classes will begin in January, if there is interest. See the Upcoming Classes page for our planned schedule

Statement: Residential Schools

As spiritual people, with an understanding that we, too, are tied to the land, all of us here at Spiral Moon mourn the deaths of children whose graves have only recently been found at a few schools in Canada…and we mourn for the children whose graves are yet to be discovered, both in Canada and the US.

There were more than twice as many residential schools in the US as in Canada, and their history is just as challenging. Records show that about 1/4 of children never came home…but in many communities, the oral tradition says it was closer to half.

As an Indigenous person, I’ve known about residential schools, or “Indian boarding schools” for about as long as I can remember. My great grandparents attended one, as did my grandmother’s sister (who was actually a cousin they adopted when her family died in a cholera outbreak). We always thought my grandmother hadn’t attended one, because the stories she told us were ones where she lived at home and walked to the day school (and walked home for lunch), but it came out in the last few years that after her mother died, she was also sent to a residential school because her father didn’t really know what to do with a small child, after spending much of his childhood in an abusive situation at a school two days’ ride from home.

Their stories, sanitized for small ears, still told the impossibly awful situations they endured – so awful that they did not teach my grandmother any traditional knowledge, hoping to spare her from their fate. I don’t think she was any less traumatized by school than they were, but she also had their trauma to deal with.

We will be making plans for some sort of vigil or prayer service in the near future. Stay tuned for details.

New Chat Schedule

I’m in the process of getting these on the Google calendar and Facebook and Eventbrite. There’s so much organizing to do just for something simple like this – I miss the days when you sent a couple emails and posted fliers in a few businesses 🙂

a planner layout for a weekly calendar, done on square graph paper with abstract black and white triangles around the border.
Photo by Bich Tran on

Generally speaking, the rules of all of our chats are the same: All are welcome, as long as you’re following our general rules: play nice, no bigotry of any sort, no spam. If you aren’t following the rules you will be removed from the chat, and if you are removed more than once you’re subject to being banned from the chats and/or all SMFC events, groups, and functions. Issues outside of these chats that are brought to us will follow our standard policies on harassment and safeguarding.

For the month of June, all meetings except possibly the youth meetings, will be held virtually. July will be determined in late June. Please check Google calendar or the Facebook events for the links.

First Sunday of the Month

2:00 pm: Youth group (ages 5-11, most likely)
3:00 pm: Youth group (ages 12-17, most likely)

Second Sunday of the Month

2:00 pm: Welcome Wagon Chat. New to the area? New to being Pagan? New to the group? Not new at all? It’s all good, all are welcome, come with questions and we’ll talk about the community.
3:00 pm: Disability Chat. For all disabled Paganfolk, whether that’s disabled in the legal/government sense or in the chronic condition that might result in the legal definition.

Third Sunday of the Month

2:00 pm: Social Justice Chat. This chat will center around social justice issues in the Pagan community, and in a broader sense, with a goal of working towards more just communities. We will be discussing hard topics, so bring your grown-up pants and be ready to work. Social justice includes, but is not limited to: racism, climate change, voting rights, healthcare access, food security, refugee issues, gun violence, and sex & gender related issues.
3:00 pm: Parenting Chat. All things Pagan Parenting.

Fourth Sunday of the Month

2:00 pm: POC Chat. This space will be centered around the needs of Black, Indigenous, and other Pagans of color. Note that this is not about skin tone per se, but about culture and lived experience. This is not to say that white people cannot join and listen in, but the conversation is not about you, and your insistence on centering yourself will result in your removal.
3:00 pm: Community Chat. Our monthly community chat. Come say hi, talk about what’s going on in the community, ask questions, etc. All are welcome.

Fifth Sunday of the Month (when there is one)

2:00 pm: SMFC business meeting. Current status of the organization and next steps.

Sprites and Sparks: In Person Sometime Soon!

Howdy folks. We’ve been organizing and such behind the scenes the last few weeks, and trying to get our arms around the ever-changing covid requirements.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is child-1347388_1920.jpg
Child with long braided hair blowing a dandelion.

To that end:

As a starting point, we’ll be hosting an informational meeting for our youth program, Sprites and Sparks, on Sunday, May 23, at 2 pm. This will be a virtual meeting. Please see the facebook event or the google calendar event for link.

Our plan right now is to meet once a month, and to break kids into 2 groups: 11 and under and 12 and up, meeting one after the other (so, likely one at 1 pm and the other at 2 pm, or something along those lines). Eventually it will almost certainly work better to break each of these groups into smaller groups as well, but we will need more adults (with background checks) and enough kids to make sure each group has enough people to be functional.

Each month we will have 1 meeting (hopefully in person), that is educational – something mythology or magic or spirituality related. It’s currently anticipated that this will be the first Sunday of the month, in the afternoon, and that we will be outside, at least through the summer and into the fall.

Adults will brainstorm themes as a group at the planning meeting to get us started. In addition to our educational theme, we will have some free play/social time. Meetings will last approximately 1 hour.

We will also (hopefully) arrange field trips and other events during the rest of the month. These will depend on students’ interests and may require additional fees. Again, this will be a mixture of things – some just for fun, some charity type projects, some more educational, and so on.

Rules for these meetings will be:

  • Parent or responsible adult must stay on site for anyone under age 15
  • For all those age 2 and up, masks must be worn during the educational portion but can be removed when at least 6 feet away from our meeting space, such as during play/social time. (This is in line with childcare and school guidelines, and while it may seem extreme to some, we also know that a number of people in our community, including most younger children, cannot be vaccinated. These members of our community need our help to protect them. As a family-oriented organization, we take the stance that we always stand on the side of protecting those in our community who are most at risk.).
  • Free for children of Spiral Moon General or Supporting members. Dues of $1/student/meeting for non-members
  • Parent or adult is responsible for their student’s behavior

Can’t make our meetings? Too far to drive? No worries – you can join our program, and find details on our Sprites and Sparks page and register your family as an independent group, and we’ll share our monthly plans with you.

Spiral Moon Church