Spiral Moon TV Updates

It’s been a bit since my last blog post, but we’ve been busy behind the scenes (sometimes literally). We’ve been to Convocation, we’ve been having various chat nights and chat mornings, we’ve completed Toys for Yule and moved on to our Ostara Eggstravaganza. We’ve made keychains that you can tap with your phone to get to our websites (and I ought to add a QR code to the next batch).

But mostly the last few weeks we’ve been hard at work on Spiral Moon TV and getting us where we want to be.

Spiral Moon TV logo on a sparkly yellow background

After a few false starts and a few glitches, we’re up and running here on our site, and on Roku. Amazon has been submitted and should be available soon.

We’ve got new live streaming systems in place, and have been “simulcasting” the weekly news report to Facebook and our site, and starting this weekend, we’ll be sending that to our new YouTube channel as well. It’s also being recorded, so you can watch later. This weekend’s board meeting will also be available in several locations.

This will also allow us to cover some of the costs of this endeavor by setting up livestreaming for other organizations. Details to be published soon…

We are always looking for additional content – if you have a video series, or are interested in doing one either recorded ahead of time or live, let’s chat!

And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that we’re not the first or even the only Pagan TV channel – there’s Pagan World and FringeTV – both are online, and both are on Roku, although you need a code to find Fringe there. And there’s other media sources – International Pagan Radio, Iowa Pagan News Radio, and a number of others (have you ever searched “Pagan Radio” on facebook? It’s fascinating!) We’re always on the lookout for other media outlets that might interest you, so let us know what you find!

Toys for Yule Update

We are accepting applications through Saturday at this link.

We have one family so far in need of assistance this Yule. Family #1 is a parent and 7 year old child. The child is interested in Spider Man, Boxing, and Hot Wheels. The parent says they mostly shop at Kroger and WalMart.

Christmas candle

If you would like to contribute to making sure the family has a good holiday, please comment below or message Janet. We are accepting toys that you purchase, gift cards, and cash.

Membership Discount Options

We know that money is tight for many of us. While a reliable income would mean we were one step closer to having our own space rather than meeting in restaurants and coffee shops and parks, we want to find ways to include everyone.

a person holding a cardboard with inscription "volunteers needed"
Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

We already allow you to earn back your membership fees if you participate in our scrip fundraiser, and that doesn’t require you to spend money you wouldn’t be spending anyway – gift cards for all sorts of stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, are available (and the bonuses this month are huge – with a little organizing, many people could pay for their whole membership between now and the end of the year). And don’t forget that comes with a chance to win gift cards too through the end of the year.

We’d also like to offer up an in-kind donation option. We’re only asking for 3 hours a month in exchange for a general membership. Work your three hours this month, and next month’s membership is on us. We have lots going on, and lots of ways you can help – posting our events, planning events, teaching, making videos, manning our table at events….and the list goes on.

Please reach out if this would make membership more manageable for you.

Calendar Changes

For a variety of reasons, we’re largely moving away from Eventbrite and Google Calendar.

photo of planner and writing materials
Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

You can now copy any event to your own calendar by clicking through to the event page and clicking on the Add To Calendar button.

You can also add any event to the calendar by picking “submit an event” in the menu, under events. You do not have to have a website account to do this, but it works better if you do.

All ticket sales will be processed through Paypal until I have time to mess with it more; zoom links and working google maps coming soon as well.

Community Safety Updates

It’s always been my intention to make sure that we’re doing what we can to make sure that all attendees at our events are safe. I’ve said in the past that I think that means that many volunteers need background checks, volunteers who work with our youth need training and guidelines on appropriate conduct, and so on.

This week I’ve finalized a contract to run background checks. So, potential volunteers, if you’re going to be responsible for major projects or working with children, expect that request to be coming. We will cover the costs of those checks.

I’ve also gotten a working account to check kids in and out of activities. Things where parents are expected to be present the whole time won’t require this, but it will grow with us. Key features are that it will allow us to have nametags printed for adults and kids so we can match you up and get everyone back where they belong, and it will allow us to text a child’s adult(s) if we need them back right away.

Background has kids running across a field of dandelions, with a numeric keypad for entering your info

I will have to start looking for a printer for this – it’s possible I already have one that works, but if not I’ll have to get that and a couple rolls of labels before we are ready to roll.

Finally, I also have name badge holders on order, ready for folks to make nametags at upcoming events. If you don’t already have a Spiral Moon lanyard, I’ll have them ready too.

As you may or may not know, we have a safeguarding policy which specifically details things that are required for all working with vulnerable populations, and we do not tolerate harassment – our anti-harassment policy is available on the same page.

A Few Reminders

close up of computer keyboard on table
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Donations can be sent to  paypal.me/SpiralMoonCircle or submitted on our Donations page.

The contest for gift card accounts and purchases continues through the end of December. Win free gift cards!

If you don’t want to set up an account to purchase gift cards, you can order them directly from us. We place a group order for physical cards twice a month – the selection is not as good, but you can get in on a cheaper shipping rate. Download the form, fill it out, and email to spiralmooncircle@gmail.com, then follow the directions on the form for payment.

Little Witches Ball tickets are available free – donations requested, ticket is required for each person.

Interested in participating in upcoming public events? Sign up now!

Upcoming Events!

We had a great time at Pagan Pride this year, and we’ll be hosting it next year.

Pagan Pride altar - a swirly beige table cloth over a blue metal picnic table. On the table are 2 candelabras each with three white candles, a white novena candle, small gourds and squashes, and a circle of dried beans
2022 Pagan Pride altar

We have 2 more events this year – the Little Witches Ball and a Yule event, and SIX events next year (2 kid/family specific events, one large public event, 1 family friendly event, Pagan Pride, and one yet to be determined.

If you want updates on these, or you’d like to volunteer, vend, perform, or sponsor events, please go to https://spiralmoon.org/events-2/festivals-and-public-events/ and sign up!

Fundraiser Kickoff

On Monday, we’ll be having a kickoff for our new fundraising program. Please go respond “going” on the FB event so you’ll be notified when we go live (around 2 pm).

Text at top in green: Spiral Moon Fundraiser Kickoff
Image: a glass jar full of money with a label on it that says "Please support our fundraiser"

We have a great fundraising opportunity that will not cost you any money you’re not already spending (yay!) and can add up quickly for us, and we’ll give you all the details on Monday!

Toys for Yule

Over the years, a variety of organizations have organized a Yule gifting program specifically for the children in our community, particularly those whose families might be struggling to make ends meet. This year, we’d like to take on that role.

glass bauble reflecting christmas tree
Photo by Bob SpringBob54 on Pexels.com

With that in mind, we’ll be opening up applications. We’ll keep applications open through December 10. In late November, we’ll post a page with links to wishlists that we’ll set up for families so that those who are interested in helping provide a happy holiday can help out. We’ll also have options available for people to donate cash or gift cards so that we can try to make sure that every family that applies gets at least some assistance.

Since this is our first year doing this, we have no idea how it will go, or how many donations we will have. But we know that the community has been generous in the past, and likely will be this year and in the future as well.

To apply, please fill out this form. We’ll follow up with you to make sure we’ve got everything covered.

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