Education is a huge part of what we do. Choose your educational option below or visit our education hub site now for more details:

Spiral Moon Academy: Our Pre-k thru 12th grade schooling center – homeschool curriculum, cover school, virtual school, or micro school.

Spiral Moon’s Moon School: religious ed for children. Free for families who are members, low fees for those who aren’t.

Spiral Moon School of Energy Healing: Take one class, or take our 12-month program that offers 8 healing methods, healing ethics, business basics, aura readings, and more. Can be completed sooner (especially if you already have some experience or healing methods), or if you need to take longer that’s ok too, but it’s timed out to take a full year.

Spiral Moon School of Magic: Want to learn about Paganism(s)? Candle magic? Divination? Other skills and technologies related to magic? These are the things that used to be taught in initiate, first, and second degree programs. Basics classes are free to general members, and all courses here are free to supporting members. Non-members may choose to pay on a course by course basis.

Spiral Moon Seminary: You’ve always wanted to be a priest, priestess, or priestex, but weren’t sure where to start? This one’s for you. Following Spiral Moon’s own eclectic Pagan curriculum, start to finish in 2 years (or less, depending on your previous work). Course work includes ethics, ritual design, polytheist, pantheist, and goddess based theologies, and more, leading up to legal ordination. Maintaining your ordination in good stead after that requires only a paperwork update and a small annual fee.