Associated Services

Here at Spiral Moon, we’ve implemented a number of solutions that other organizations may find useful. We are open to making these structures available to other organizations either by way of a mutually beneficial partnership or via a paid contract. While we are a nonprofit, we have invested substantial resources into the services and technology we use, and much of it has ongoing costs that these contracts will help cover.

If you are interested in discussing options, please contact

Systems and equipment we have include, but are not limited to:

  • Child check-in/check-out system. This includes printable nametags, allergen and other info tracking, text messaging to adults when they are needed, and touchless check-in/out for both families and staff
  • Broadcast opportunities. These include livestreaming, streaming to multiple outlets (FB, YouTube, websites, etc). We also have a paid zoom account. We have wireless microphones, webcams, and related hardware. We have a Roku app and are working on an Amazon FireTV app.
  • Closed captioning. We have an account on a closed captioning site with low rates, to caption any videos you have that are not already captioned.
  • Community Calendar. Anyone is welcome to create an account and list their items.
  • News outlet. Semaphore News can host any news reporting, whether in print or online. We will be moving off of wordpress hosting to a self-hosted site this year.
  • Fundraising infrastructure. We have an ongoing fundraiser that we are open to sharing with others for a specific amount of time. We also have online setups for raffles, auctions, and peer-to-peer funding.
  • Online learning options including pre-recorded courses and both subscription and one-time-fee courses.
  • Parochial school and youth group. If you’re interested in having your own youth group (including things like background checks) or your own local Pagan elementary school, we can make that happen.
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