Spiral Moon TV

Have you ever wondered why there aren’t Pagan TV channels?

There are, in fact a couple – FringeTV (web only, unless you find their secret code to load on Roku) and PaganWorld (web or Roku)

But why there aren’t more, with a wider range of shows, largely boils down to money.

Developing scripted shows takes money. Having a studio takes money. The costs are quite a bit less these days, at least for more talk-show formatted things, because streaming has become so accessible, and your local access cable channel isn’t your only option.

With that in mind, we present Spiral Moon TV.

We have a few bugs to work out still, but both live feeds and video on demand are here on the site. Our app is live on Roku, but getting live feeds on Roku will take a bit longer. Our app for FireTV is in the works.

We added a donation button here on the site – by moving servers, our costs go down substantially (not to zero), but we would still like to pay our contributors.

Additionally, we’re still taking new contributors. Want your own show? Let’s chat!

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