Donate directly to any of the campaigns below.

  1. Religious News Services Subscription

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  2. General Fund

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  3. Pagan Event Diversity Scholarship

    We want to see more diversity at Pagan events. And we know that marginalized folks often have a harder time covering the costs of attendance.

    Donate now to help fund our scholarships to assist those who are disabled, queer, or a minority to attend the Pagan event of their choosing.

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  4. Spiral Moon Academy Scholarship Fund

    Help a Pagan family send their child to Spiral Moon Academy!

    We know that schools have become a challenging place for many of our children, and SMA is meant to be a place where all are welcome. But private schooling costs money, and in this economy, not everyone can afford it.

    Your donations will go to a fund to help families in need pay their tuition. Full time schooling is $400-$600/month depending on grade level. Your donations help offset this cost.

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  5. Full streaming capabilities

    To stream live to Spiral Moon TV’s apps (and other spaces online) will require about $800/year (paid annually).  It’s possible that we will need more hardware or software to make this work, but we’ll be able to stream from events live and make all events available as fully virtual across our TV apps, and also to create pay-per-view live events.

    $190.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  6. Spiral Moon TV on Amazon FireTV

    We estimate about $500 to get our app up and listed on FireTV.

    $0.00 donated of $500.00 goal
  7. Building Fund

    We need at least an office in order to have a public space for classes and the library. We estimate $1000 a month as a starting amount to cover all the bills. 40 supporting members would put us in a great position moving forward.

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