Festivals and Public Events

One of the things we really want to do is build community, and one of the best ways to do that is to host public events. But we can’t do that without you. We’d like to build an email list of people we can reach out to in the future to invite you to participate in putting on these events.

Banner stating "Welcome Families - Spiral Moon Family Circle" with kids toys on each side of the letters. The banner is taped to a picnic table, and the table has goodie bags for kids. Photo taken at Pagan Pride 2022.

Event volunteers may be asked to help man our table/booth at events not hosted by us, or to assist with tasks during our events. Staff will be asked to help run events or manage portions of them. Sponsors will be donating funds, and will get recognition for that. Vendors would be vending, performers performing, and teachers teaching. You may choose as many as you’re interested in.

Volunteers will also be invited to join volunteer related groups here on our site.

Tentatively, this year we’re planning for the Little Witches Ball (new format, new time, new location), a Family Friendly Yule event. Next year we are tentatively planning for events for Beltane (Body, Mind, and Beltane, a new festival), Lammas, and Mabon (one of these will be Pagan Pride). We will also be hosting a kids’ event for Ostara. Dates TBD.

Still to come in 2022:
Little Witches Ball (new format! November 5, noon-2, costumes encouraged, links soon!)
Yule Feast (late December)

In 2023:
Ostara Eggstravaganza (family focused event in March)
Body, Mind, and Beltane (public event in early May)
Pagan Pride Day (early August)
Hearth & Harvest (late September)
Little Witches Ball (kid-focused, late October/early November)
Yule Feast (late December)

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