Sprites and Sparks

Our youth group/scouting program, for children of all ages and abilities. While Sprites & Sparks is as eclectic as we are, it is also as eclectic as your family, and can be modified to meet your needs and your schedule

SE Michigan Pagan Parents

A group for parents of all Pagan faiths in the SE Michigan region. Parents are welcome to organize playdates, holiday events, and more.

Everything you need to know about Pagan Parenting – book reviews, articles, curated links, and more.

Michigan Pagan Chamber of Commerce

Businesses working together to build a stronger community and stronger businesses. Networking, business directory, and more. We run a facebook group just for members and a facebook page for the community.

Michigan Pagan Community Services Hub

A resource hub – networking, help finding resources you need, and a way to bring the community together.

Spiritual Education

Kids and adults, beginners to experienced – we have lots of options.

Pagan Homeschooling

Our new source for Pagan Homeschooling info and (in the future) our curriculum.

Spiral Moon TV

Coming soon, scheduled and video on demand on Pagan topics.

Spiral Moon, the App

Available on Android right now, iOS coming soon.