Call for Submissions

Are you a content creator? Do you want to be?

Spiral Moon TV is looking for the following:

  • Pre-recorded Pagan-themed shows (we’ll work with your back catalog!)
  • Ideas for new live or recorded shows featuring guest interviews, teachings, or anything else Pagan-related
  • Yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness shows
  • Documentaries
  • Indie films that are Pagan themed or by Pagan producers
  • Book readings by Pagan authors
  • A regular (weekly?) astrology show and a regular (daily or weekly) tarot reader show
  • Ritualists to do Sabbats, Esbats, and other rituals
  • A gardening by the moon or astrological gardening show
  • A crafting show, where people show how to make various tools and magical crafts. This might including sewing magical garb.
  • A sabbat-themed cooking show
  • Reviews of Pagan books, tools, and festivals

We’re also looking for reporters for Semaphore Pagan News – written stories, photo journalism, and live news reports (or pre-recorded feature stories).

You must own the rights to any work you bring to us. We reserve the right to refuse any programming that does not fit into our vision of Spiral Moon TV as a Pagan Lifestyle network. Hate speech is not allowed.

We prefer that recorded material is available in HD, and is at least 10 minutes long (but we can work with less).

We are a free network, and we offer sponsors ad space on our channel. Our ability to pay for content is currently very limited, but we are willing to negotiate, including free 30 second ad slots during our scheduled programming and free “Pagan Shopping” show slots in our Pagan Home Shopping category.

By January 2024, we expect to have a scheduled always-playing channel, along with video on demand options, on our website and on Roku, FireTV, and AppleTV.