Sprites and Sparks

Sprites and Sparks is our DIY youth group, which offers a social outlet for kids from Pagan families, not unlike scouts or 4-H.

What do we mean by DIY youth group?

Look, some programs out there provide books and manuals and lots of specifics about what you must do. We don’t – we think that families can do what most interests their children without that sort of oversight.

Some programs want you to have faith, but only in ways they allow. We don’t actually want to tell you what to believe – we think as parents, that’s your job to teach your family. But we are here to support you in doing that in whatever way works best for you.


No Uniforms

Low Membership Fees


No Handbooks

Community of other families

Want to join us?

Join now – one simple form and $10 registers your whole household as a “nest” for a year, or $100 for a guild (basically, a group of families organized by a larger organization). You’ll get an invitation to our parent leaders group, and you can brainstorm, learn from each other, and even create guilds of families with similar projects, or who live near you. The possibilities are endless. We’ll also be offering a monthly virtual meeting for all members so that children can meet others, even if they don’t have Pagan friends local to them.

If you’re in Metro-Detroit and a general or supporting member of Spiral Moon, you can join in our in-person events for free.

Basic Guidelines

Obviously, there will be a few guidelines.

  • This program is meant to involve the whole family.
  • Basic youth protection training will be provided to all leaders to help keep everyone safe.
  • The adult who belongs to a child is responsible for their behavior at any meeting or event.
  • Use good judgement when chosing activities or how to implement them.