Toys for Yule Update

We are accepting applications through Saturday at this link. We have one family so far in need of assistance this Yule. Family #1 is a parent and 7 year old child. The child is interested in Spider Man, Boxing, and Hot Wheels. The parent says they mostly shop at Kroger and WalMart. If you wouldContinue reading “Toys for Yule Update”

Amazon App & Other Updates

Spiral Moon’s app is now available on the Amazon App Store. Since that was pretty straight forward, I’ll add Pagan Parenting there too (still working through the issues with it on iTunes – I think the reviewer doesn’t like me). And then it’ll be back to Spiral Moon TV work. The tutorials I’ve found areContinue reading “Amazon App & Other Updates”

Sprites & Sparks Community Service

Happy Earth Day! We’re coming up on the end of the school year in most of the US, and with that come all the supplies that come home. We’re planning a crayon collection for The Crayon Initiative as our community service project for this spring. The Crayon Initiative takes old broken crayons and melts themContinue reading “Sprites & Sparks Community Service”

Updates – Chats, Classes, etc.

Hey all! Sunday afternoon chats have been super hard for me to get to, so we’re going to go back to evenings – hopefully that will work for more people too. Sundays at 8, you’ll find details on our calendar, our facebook, and on eventbrite. Our regular monthly classes start December 15 at 7 pm,Continue reading “Updates – Chats, Classes, etc.”

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