Crossing Hedgerows Sanctuary – Beltane Celebration


April 29, 2023    
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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This will be a celebration of the “Bright Fire” or “Lucky Fire” as Winter melts away and we welcome in the Spring and Summer. In this ritual we will be connecting with the land spirits, and the Earth in two ways. First, through the lighting of the Sacred Fire and letting go of our Winter cares. Second, through the preparing and raising of the Maypole to once again welcome the fecundity of the Earth to the land, the community, and in each of our lives.
If you would like, you may bring a dessert or drinks to share, and offerings for the Gods and spirits. Any offerings should be Earth-friendly, able to be burned or buried. Ties for the Maypole will be provided!
This celebration is being organized by Sarenth and Emily. All members and their families are welcomed! Non-members are also invited to attend with the request of a $10 donation.

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