Imbolc Updates

Blessed Imbolc to you!

I know Imbolc is supposed to be a cue to us that spring is coming, but we’ve had the most snow all winter in the past week here, and it’s really just not improving my attitude about winter. It’s harder for those of us who are mostly self-isolating due to covid, because it somewhat limits our ability to be outside of the house (which is one of the few breaks we have from each other right now). This summer, my children were happy to play in the hose all afternoon every day…the snow is another story entirely.

So, what’s going on here at SMFC? It’s been a busy couple of months.

Membership forms are live for SMFC, the library, and Sprites and Sparks.

The Community Services Hub page is populated with lots of resources. If you have more suggstions or have questions about finding resources, please post them.

We have 8 virtual chats scheduled every month. Attendance is not always amazing, but I think this is the sort of thing that will have to continue consistently for some time before we consistently have good attendance.

We have published an anti-harassment policy and a safeguarding policy.

The library is just about completely cataloged – 437 items, with a stack of a couple dozen books and several dozen magazines left to go.

There’s an indiegogo in the works to fund our public space, Center of the Spiral. Watch for that going live in a few weeks.

And there are several related FB groups created:

Spiral Moon Community Discussions – most of our virtual chat nights happen in rooms in this group, but this is also the space for general discussion, questions, announcements, and more.

Pagan Homeschoolers in Michigan – there are a ton of homeschool groups in Michigan, but a huge percentage of them are Christian based, and it seemed like we should have one of our own. There are a couple of general Pagan Homeschooling groups out there, but they’re world wide.

Pagan Special Needs Homeschooling – Special ed homeschooling groups in particular often run to the Christian side of things, assuming you can find any special needs support at all.

Acommodating Disability in Pagan Children’s Programming – One thing I’ve personally been working on over the last year is talking about why we should include every child, and how to do that. More people doing more to include children is good.

It’s a lot of work – a lot of organizing. I’m hoping that we can grow our membership over the next few months and get some volunteers to cover some of the chats and such. But until then, I will keep plugging away at it.

Happy Imbolc!

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