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It’s been relatively inexpensive thus far to get everything up and running, but our next big steps are a little more pricey: It will take approximately $300 to incorporate as a church and file for 501(c)3 recognition. The incorporation will give us the ability to open a bank account, and will give us the ability to give receipts for donations, file for grants, do other fundraisers, and more.

To that end, we have a couple of fundraisers, with more to follow.

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First is Pagan Soup. We set this up several months back without choosing an initial recipient of the proceeds, but we’ll be going first because the paperwork cannot wait. If you want to get in on the soup kits, you have until the 7th to register. I’ll be telling you what we’ve got going on and what our plans are. $5 to attend, $15 if you want a soup kit mailed to you. Tickets available on eventbrite (link is in the facebook event).

Our next Pagan Soup event will be around Beltane, and if you are interested in your organization or business being a recipient of funds from Soup, please contact us, because we’ll be looking for new recipients for each event.

Second is the ever-popular merch shop. Everyone has one these days, so why not us? The first items should populate sometime today (Wednesday) but we’ll be adding more. If there are things you’d like to see, comment below or message the page and I’ll work on it. More designs coming soon too.

We’ll see how far that gets us – I’d like to think that additional fundraisers won’t be needed yet, but I’m also being realistic and making future plans. Maybe readings, maybe reiki, maybe something else – if you’ve got some ideas, let me know!

Once the paperwork is all in place, we’ll be working on setting up an indiegogo to get our building opened. The building plan includes a store, classes, and other options that should make it self sustaining once we get it open.

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