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We know that money is tight for many of us. While a reliable income would mean we were one step closer to having our own space rather than meeting in restaurants and coffee shops and parks, we want to find ways to include everyone.

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We already allow you to earn back your membership fees if you participate in our scrip fundraiser, and that doesn’t require you to spend money you wouldn’t be spending anyway – gift cards for all sorts of stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, are available (and the bonuses this month are huge – with a little organizing, many people could pay for their whole membership between now and the end of the year). And don’t forget that comes with a chance to win gift cards too through the end of the year.

We’d also like to offer up an in-kind donation option. We’re only asking for 3 hours a month in exchange for a general membership. Work your three hours this month, and next month’s membership is on us. We have lots going on, and lots of ways you can help – posting our events, planning events, teaching, making videos, manning our table at events….and the list goes on.

Please reach out if this would make membership more manageable for you.

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