Amazon App & Other Updates

Spiral Moon’s app is now available on the Amazon App Store. Since that was pretty straight forward, I’ll add Pagan Parenting there too (still working through the issues with it on iTunes – I think the reviewer doesn’t like me).

And then it’ll be back to Spiral Moon TV work. The tutorials I’ve found are all 2-3 years old, and their own development kit has changed dramatically, so that’s proving to be a challenge, but I’m determined to figure it out.

I’ve filed our incorporation paperwork this week, and that typically takes a week or so to get sent back, but it should be straight forward because I’m basing it on other applications that I’ve done recently. Then I’ll file the 501c3, which takes a few weeks to a few months. Right now, they’re processing applications filed before June 30, so that’s not as far behind as it has been.

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