Membership Discount Options

We know that money is tight for many of us. While a reliable income would mean we were one step closer to having our own space rather than meeting in restaurants and coffee shops and parks, we want to find ways to include everyone. We already allow you to earn back your membership fees ifContinue reading “Membership Discount Options”

A Few Reminders

Donations can be sent to or submitted on our Donations page. The contest for gift card accounts and purchases continues through the end of December. Win free gift cards! If you don’t want to set up an account to purchase gift cards, you can order them directly from us. We place a group orderContinue reading “A Few Reminders”

Fundraiser Kickoff

On Monday, we’ll be having a kickoff for our new fundraising program. Please go respond “going” on the FB event so you’ll be notified when we go live (around 2 pm). We have a great fundraising opportunity that will not cost you any money you’re not already spending (yay!) and can add up quickly forContinue reading “Fundraiser Kickoff”

Funding, Funding, Funding

It’s been relatively inexpensive thus far to get everything up and running, but our next big steps are a little more pricey: It will take approximately $300 to incorporate as a church and file for 501(c)3 recognition. The incorporation will give us the ability to open a bank account, and will give us the abilityContinue reading “Funding, Funding, Funding”

Spiral Moon Church