Toys for Yule 2023

Three Christmas Stockings

This is a status update on this year’s Toys for Yule program.

We have 3 families as of today. Sign ups end on December 10th.

One in western Michigan, one in mid-Michigan, and one in the metro-Detroit area. To serve all three families, we’ll need to enlist some help from folks in the areas we’re not.

Between the 3 families, we have 8 children, ages 10-18. We also have some pets.

Gift cards are on everyone’s wish list, and we’d encourage you to buy them through our funraiser if finding cards sounds interesting – message us for a sign up link. Gas, various stores and restaurants, Aldi, Walmart, Kroger, and Meijer are also high on the list of places for gift cards.

If you’d rather shop for specific gifts rather than donating cash or gift cards, reach out ( and we’ll send you some specific things our recipients are looking for.

So far, we’re short on donations, so please consider donating to help these families out for the holidays.

Volunteers can sign up here.

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