Sprites and Sparks: In Person Sometime Soon!

Howdy folks. We’ve been organizing and such behind the scenes the last few weeks, and trying to get our arms around the ever-changing covid requirements.

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To that end:

As a starting point, we’ll be hosting an informational meeting for our youth program, Sprites and Sparks, on Sunday, May 23, at 2 pm. This will be a virtual meeting. Please see the facebook event or the google calendar event for link.

Our plan right now is to meet once a month, and to break kids into 2 groups: 11 and under and 12 and up, meeting one after the other (so, likely one at 1 pm and the other at 2 pm, or something along those lines). Eventually it will almost certainly work better to break each of these groups into smaller groups as well, but we will need more adults (with background checks) and enough kids to make sure each group has enough people to be functional.

Each month we will have 1 meeting (hopefully in person), that is educational – something mythology or magic or spirituality related. It’s currently anticipated that this will be the first Sunday of the month, in the afternoon, and that we will be outside, at least through the summer and into the fall.

Adults will brainstorm themes as a group at the planning meeting to get us started. In addition to our educational theme, we will have some free play/social time. Meetings will last approximately 1 hour.

We will also (hopefully) arrange field trips and other events during the rest of the month. These will depend on students’ interests and may require additional fees. Again, this will be a mixture of things – some just for fun, some charity type projects, some more educational, and so on.

Rules for these meetings will be:

  • Parent or responsible adult must stay on site for anyone under age 15
  • For all those age 2 and up, masks must be worn during the educational portion but can be removed when at least 6 feet away from our meeting space, such as during play/social time. (This is in line with childcare and school guidelines, and while it may seem extreme to some, we also know that a number of people in our community, including most younger children, cannot be vaccinated. These members of our community need our help to protect them. As a family-oriented organization, we take the stance that we always stand on the side of protecting those in our community who are most at risk.).
  • Free for children of Spiral Moon General or Supporting members. Dues of $1/student/meeting for non-members
  • Parent or adult is responsible for their student’s behavior

Can’t make our meetings? Too far to drive? No worries – you can join our program, and find details on our Sprites and Sparks page and register your family as an independent group, and we’ll share our monthly plans with you.

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